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KAI CUNNINGHAM Originally from Baltimore, graduated from Villanova’s School of  Business and began his career on the Trading Floor at Goldman Sachs in New York City,  before moving to Private Wealth Management in Los Angeles. At 24, ran $5B Lido Advisors  Sports and Entertainment Division while starting Cunningham Capital, a family office  focused on educating athletes and entertainers and helping them invest in early, growth,  and late-stage venture capital deals. At 26, he co-founded Limited Ventures , A $150mm  Venture Capital Fund & Platform backed by the Forbes Family, the Rockefeller Family,  and the Costa Family, that is dedicated to helping athletes entertainers co-invest with  billionaire families of the world. He has helped over 100 athletes and entertainers among  other partners launch their own venture capital funds and participate in deals such as  Airbnb, Triller, SpaceX, Turo, Lime, MiraLabs, Vaunt, Lime, Coinbase, Pinterest, Lyft,  DapperLabs, Zilch, Portl, Impossible Foods, Kraken, Wish, Jackpocket, Theragun, ZenWtr,  Snackpass, and Nobull. ♦

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