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COREY N. MARTIN is the Managing Partner of Granderson Des Rochers LLP (“GDR”),  a full service entertainment and media-focused law firm with offices in Beverly Hills and  New York. Mr. Martin is also Chairman of the GDR Entertainment Finance Department,  in that role overseeing all corporate transactional matters involving the Firm’s clients,  consisting of companies and talent representing music, film, television, digital media,  sports and technology. His practice areas of expertise include mergers & acquisitions,  private equity and corporate finance. In addition to corporate transactional legal  services, the GDR Entertainment Finance Department also provides strategic consulting  and advisory services. In connection with its consulting and advisory services, the  GDR Entertainment Finance Department supports entertainers, athletes and celebrities  seeking to achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions by structuring the formation of  their companies and aligning them with venture capital, family office and private equity  investors. Over the past 22 years, Martin has worked diligently as a seasoned advisor and counselor to a diverse array of highprofile clients including Macro Media, an Academy Award-winning film and television production company, Quality Control,  a Grammy Award-winning record company, Cashmere, an Ad Age Award-winning advertising agency and Hebru Brantley, a  world-renowned visual artist.

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