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Mid Year Conference Schedule

Navigating a Career in Entertainment and Sports will feature chief human resources executives and diversity officers from major entertainment, sports, and media companies. These panelists will share their insights on how executives have obtained great success in the companies and industries in which they have worked, the best way for lawyers and law students to obtain job opportunities in the highly competitive sports and entertainment fields, and successful strategies used to climb the corporate ladder. Panelists also will talk about the unique challenges minorities face in this industry and strategies for overcoming these challenges. Panelists will also share thoughts on ways they have seen attorneys successfully cross over from legal to business roles.
Lori Aiken, Sony Pictures
Kerry Chandler, Under Armour
Jim Jones, NAMIC
Moderator: Endi Piper, TV One
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General Counsel’s Roundtable will feature senior legal and business affairs executives from major media, entertainment, and sports companies, who will discuss career path planning and the keys to success as an in-house counsel and in the role of general counsel.  Panelists will discuss the skills and background needed to succeed in their role, explain the types of matters they handle on a regular basis, and provide insights on the keys to effectively managing a legal department today and serving in a business and legal affairs role. Panelists will also discuss the biggest challenges they face in their role as chief counsel and discuss the challenges their companies currently face with more competition and content developers in the market.  
Keyes Hill-Edgar, Viacom
Antonious Porch, Shazam
Endi Piper, TV One
Moderator:  Derek Jackson, Under Armour, Sports Marketing
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Running A Major Sports Union. In a unique roundtable discussion, NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts share candid insights on what it’s like to run a major sports union. Smith and Roberts will discuss: (i) the types of issues they manage on a daily basis, (ii) the challenges each faces from working in the public eye, (iii) the way each balances the interests of all the players in their union – from those earning the league minimum to the biggest stars in the game, and (iv) the opportunities and challenges that technology and new media have created for their sport and their members.  Smith and Roberts will also discuss the biggest issues each believes they must solve in the next 12-24 months and provide advice on how they believe others can find success as a lawyer or business executive in this industry.
DeMaurice Smith (NFLPA)
Michelle Roberts (NBPA)
Moderator:  Kenneth Shropshire, Wharton Sports Business Initiative
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The Impact of Digital Media on Sports Broadcasting, Sports Marketing, and Entertainment Content Distribution will explore the way that digital and social media have changed the landscape of sports coverage, marketing, and content distribution. Panelists who serve as content distribution or marketing executives for major sports and entertainment companies, and who represent athletes and entertainers in endorsement contracts and similar opportunities, share insights on the way digital and social media have changed the business model for their clients and the structure of deals that are negotiated in their industry. Specifically, panelists will discuss the way technology has changed the way the public consumes content and the way their company or client distributes content to the public, including sports events, news, television shows, movies, and marketing campaigns. Panelists also will provide advice on how to be successful as a lawyer or business executive in the face of this changing digital and social media landscape.  
Carlos Fleming, WME/IMG
Reggie Williams, Ambrosia for Heads
Mason Ashe, Ashe Sports & Entertainment Consulting
Moderator: Derek Jackson, Under Armour, Sports Marketing
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One on One with LA Reid             Over the last twenty-five years, legendary music producer and record man LA Reid—the man behind artists such as Toni Braxton, Kanye West, Rihanna, TLC, Outkast, Mariah Carey, Pink, Justin Bieber, and Usher—has changed the music business forever. In addition to discovering some of the biggest pop stars on the planet, he has shaped some of the most memorable and unforgettable hits of the last two generations, creating an impressive legacy of talent discovery and hit records.  Attendees will be treated to a special up close and personal interview Mr. Reid and hear some of the stories about the artist he’s worked with and the deals he’s done.